Chris Lege Professional Trombonist & Recording Artist

46 years of Performance and Recording experience Chris has mastered the art of performance and recording, and he’s ready to pass on the importance of music through his own unique training methods!   By using all the proven methods available, Chris is able to tailor lessons to meet students’ diverse needs and help them achieve their next performance goal.

Preparation is the key Whether it be a recital, a concert or a professional gig Or just a private lesson Practice makes perfect



I teach at Magic Flute in San Rafael, Marin Music Center in Novato
and my home studio in San Rafael.



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About Chris

Chris Lege uses industry knowledge to instruct the youth of today.

Using the knowledge I’ve gained over the last 40 years of touring, recording and playing live shows, I want to share what I’ve learned to enhance the next generation of skilled musicians.

As an award winning trombone player and songwriter, I will walk you through the necessary steps to achieve your musical goals and form an efficient and fun practice routine. You’ll hear results faster than you can read the notes!

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Full set of musical Instruments!

Many Instruments to use, learn and explore!

Recording Music Tracks and Equipment

Top instruments and recording equipment.

Fun Facts

It's always fun to reach your goals, here are a few of mine!


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What we offer

We offer step by step instruction and provide precise skills needed to create music and apply it to your life as a whole. Learn how to be stage ready with preparation.

Personalized Instruction

Personalized Instruction

Learn Music Theory

Apply past concepts to today’s music.

How to Read Music

Sight reading and flexibility.


Preparation for Performance

Learn how to handle nerve and polish songs.

Writing a Full Song

From beginning to end.

Mixing & Mastering

Techniques to achieve professional sound.


1,000's of Samples to Use

Quality samples for you to lay your sound over.

Learn how to Produce a CD

Arrange tracks and format your music.

Pitch and Ear Training

Keep on note and find your way back.


Learn how to be stage ready through preparation. Build confidence and learn to love the excitement.

A Hobby for life

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